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When it comes to designing an eye-catching landscape, everyone loves boulder walls, and the larger the better! Boulders and boulder walls can take a yard once thought of as “boring” or “generic” and add a little pop and sizzle simply by adding a large boulder. Their many uses are only limited by your imagination. From retaining walls to landscape borders, adding one – or many – boulders will make your landscaping stand out from the crowd.

Discover ways to use boulders or boulder walls in your landscaping.

In today’s landscaping, boulders can be used in a practical anse, such as retaining boulder walls, focal point, a piece of art, and everything in between. Consider boulder borders, boulder fire pits, boulder seawalls, and so much more! What makes them most beautiful, aside from placement, is the idea that you’re using a piece of nature to accentuate the natural beauty of your lawn and home. Every natural boulder is unique, offering different colors, flecks, shapes, edges, roundness, and size, making every arrangement one of a kind.


By placing a large boulder in the center, possibly surrounding it by smaller ones, this is now an exclusive focal point that is sure to be noticed and admired. A flatter boulder surrounded by hedges and/or trees can now become a shaded seating area that makes a firm and beautiful statement all its own. Boulders as art also work well near or in a landscape bed, particularly in one that is hearty enough to thrive off the heat provided by stones, like a cactus garden. Please note that when a boulder is used in your garden, plants will grow at the edges of the stone and use it as protection from the elements as well as a source of hydration in the drier seasons.

Fire Ring or Pit

If you and your loved ones prefer spending your time outdoors, enjoying what nature has to offer, a nice fire area can add just the right touch. By using boulders to outline the pit itself or as seating (cut boulders) for you and your guests, you will create a space that everyone will enjoy night after night. By incorporating the natural artistry that is a boulder to your ring or pit, you add another element of nature to your surroundings, while knowing you’re in the safety of your own yard.

Terrace Retaining Walls

Nothing adds the “wow” factor to your landscaping like creating visual levels to the grounds and boulders are a great way to do this. Aside from providing interesting texture with boulders, they are also used in a practical manner; terrace retaining walls can help stop erosion. By adding appropriate plants with the boulders, your retaining walls will be transformed into a showcase for your yard.

Boulder Shapes

By defining the shapes of the boulders you have to work with, the “face” of the stones, and the way they fit together, will determine the appearance of the end result. While you and your contractor will come up with a rough sketch of the desired end result, the final product may alter slightly. It is best to purchase boulders locally for several reasons, one of which is that you’ll be able to go and choose the boulder in person instead of just having an idea of how you want the project to look in the end.


Flat – flat on the surface; less than a foot tall; best used as stepping stones or at the edge of water

Thrusting – overhanging on either left or right side; aka arching; best used in corners

Vertical tall – taller than it is wide; generally used as the center stone or focal point

Vertical low – wider than it is tall; usually used in partnership with vertical tall stones

Reclining – high and narrow on one end, low and wide on opposing end; aka ox stone; best used to draw the eye to a nearby element, as it “points” with the narrow end

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These are just a few examples of how boulders can be used in your landscaping projects. The options are truly endless, from practical uses to simply wanting to add your own touch. With a little imagination and help from us here at Envious Landscape, we can create a landscaping plan that will be tailor-made for you and your family.

Contact us today to learn more about how boulders can set your landscaping apart from the crowd!

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