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Boulders & Boulder Walls

Everyone loves boulders, and the larger the better! Boulders can take a boring yard and add a little pop and sizzle. Their many uses are only limited by your imagination. From retaining walls to landscape borders, adding one – or many – boulders will make your landscaping stand out from the crowd.

Discover ways to use boulders in your landscaping.

In today’s landscaping, boulders can be used in a practical sense, such as a retaining wall, focal point, a piece of art, and everything in between. Consider boulder borders, boulder fire pits, boulder seawalls, and so much more!


Making one or several boulders a centerpiece in your yard is a great way to add a focal point that is sure to be noticed. Boulders as art also work well near or in a landscape bed.

Fire Ring or Pit

If you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors in the evening, a nice fire can add the right touch. By using boulders to outline or as seating (cut boulders), you will create a space that everyone will enjoy night after night.

Terrace Retaining Walls

Nothing adds the ‘wow’ factor to your landscaping like creating levels. Boulders are a great way to do this. Besides providing interesting texture, they are practical. Terrace retaining walls can help stop erosion. By adding plants with the boulders, your retaining walls will be transformed into a showcase for your yard.

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These are just a few examples of how boulders can be used in your landscaping. The options are truly endless. With a little imagination and help from us here at Envious Landscape, we can create a landscaping plan that will be tailor-made for you and your family.

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