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When it is time to update your sidewalk or patio, we recommend brick pavers. Brick pavers make for a great, long lasting option that will look amazing and serve you and your family for years to come. These pavers can be misunderstood, and it is important to have the right foundation before they are installed. For the best results, you will want to contact a trustworthy professional like the ones at Envious Landscape for all of your hardscape services.

All about brick pavers.

Brick pavers are designed for use on the ground only. You will not see brick pavers utilized for walls or other vertical construction because that is the job of an actual brick. Instead, simply look down when you are out and about and there is a good chance you’re standing on them. Brick pavers are built to last and withstand severe changes in temperatures – both hot and cold, in various weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall and frigid snow, scorching heat from the sun and the slippery threat of ice. Because of the compressed concrete and high-heat used to create a brick paver, they are extremely durable and well-equipped to hold up against heavy foot traffic with minimal maintenance in the years to come. They also come in a variety of earth-toned colors, and they can vary from flat-sided to interlocking/interweaving, but the beauty and durability are consistent no matter what variation your choose.

Get your paver installation done right the first time.

Once your patio or walkway is completed, the last thing you want is to have to redo all that work, which is what makes a stable foundation of the utmost importance for this task. If the ground isn’t stable, even, and cleared of debris to begin with, the pavers can shift and cause dips over time. This will not only affect their overall appeal, but also their ability to perform the job they’re intended for, and no one wants that!

In addition, weeds tend to have a mind of their own, growing wherever they please, despite your best efforts. Kill the weeds and they simply come back for more. Before your pavers are installed, Envious Landscape installs proper base material with compaction. On top we use, polymeric sand for joint stabilization. This will allow for expanding and contracting and keep those pesky weeds at bay, otherwise, they may pop up between the pavers to reek havoc on the hard work and loveliness of your walkway.

Discover more design opportunities with brick pavers.

From a traditional patio design to something more modern, there are endless possibilities for these small pavers. Consider a basket weave design to add a touch of flair to a patio or walkway, or opt for a more traditional look to not distract from the natural beauty of your garden, you could also choose the route of using multiple colored or toned brick pavers to contrast and mark out different patterns. There are so many alternatives, you only have to decide which one speaks to you. Pavers will not need to be cut most times, but for circular designs, they will. Let your landscape contractor manage the details while you and your family enjoy the results!

Contact Envious Landscape for your next paver installation.

When it is time for you to build your next patio or walkway in the Fenton or Linden, Michigan area, contact us at Envious Landscape. We can help with all of your brick paver and hardscape needs, regardless of the type of project.

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