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Gardens and flower beds can keep your property looking lively, beautiful, and bright when designed with thought and cared for properly. There are so many different choices for lining the bed of your garden and here at Envious Landscaping, we intend to provide you the best varieties in plant bedding materials as well as the best cost while keeping you informed of your options.

Plant Bedding Material Options

There are many different types of plant bedding materials, both organic and inorganic, such as:

  • Chips (Organic)
  • Plastic (Inorganic)
  • Stones (Inorganic)
  • Wood Shavings (Organic)
  • Straw (Organic)
  • Bark Chips (Organic)

The material of choice is laid over the top layer of soil around the plants in a bed or garden with care. With all the many benefits to mulching, this is most certainly a step worth considering and implementing as a part of your lawn care plan.

Plant bedding materials will prevent weeds from growing, keep soil moist and insulated, and promote nutrition in the soil, all while helping keep an attractive and uniform appearance on your property.

What Do You Need To Know About Mulch

Mulch can be used to retain moisture, as well as keep your garden soil cool in the summer and insulated in the winter. Be careful when applying mulch- too early or too late can slow down the warming process for the season. Mulch will also suppress the growth of weeds and undesired plants that will eventually deprive moisture and nutrients from the plants you’ve chosen to spruce up your garden with. There is also the added bonus of improving soil fertility with organic mulch which will decompose and break down over time, adding nutrients back into the soil for future use to new and existing plants.

Helpful Hints On Choosing The Right Mulch

WOODEN MULCH- Best used around trees, shrubs, and gardens that won’t require a lot of digging or re-planting. Please note that the finer the mulch is broken down, the quicker it will decompose.

STRAW MULCH- Most popularly used in vegetable gardens because they’ll keep the soil from becoming too muddy. It composes very slowly and provides a home for spiders and other useful pest-control insects.

PLASTIC- A good choice for plantings around your homes foundation, as these areas don’t require frequent re-working and they absolutely smother weeds, however, plastic does heat easily and can kill off good nutrients and bugs in the soil.

STONES- Works fantastically in areas requiring good drainage or with plants that thrive on heat, but it is very hard to relocate larger stones, so be certain of placement of plantings before devoting work that may need to be re-done.

As always, plan ahead and weigh your options carefully. Being informed is vital to achieving the most functional garden possible, with minimal effort for maintenance.

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